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Audition Material

Find out what you will need to know at auditions!



Sunday, April 25 OR Saturday, May 22, 2021

A Cardette hopeful should be willing to commit to teamwork and be ready to represent the team and TVCC with class.  A Cardette hopeful must possess a strong desire to work above and beyond the norm to maintain the integrity of the Cardette name. 

Cardette auditions are held each year during the late spring and early summer.  We offer 2 different dates to accommodate with your senior schedule.  Cardette Hopefuls do not need to attend all of the audition sessions, only one is required.  

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Cardettes are chosen based on dance ability/timing, execution of technical elements, flexibility, projection, appearance, poise, community service, leadership qualities/experience and Cardette knowledge.  Cardettes must be physically fit and able to wear ANY Cardette uniform properly upon the decision of the director.   Visible tattoos and piercings are not permitted in ANY Cardette attire.  This includes tattoos on the neck, feet, arms, back and sides.  

We also are looking for Cardettes who have high morals and standards for not only themselves but for the organization as well.  Cardettes look for dancers who want to strive to be better dancers and performers, as well as leaders in their school and community.  

There is not a fee to attend auditions.  

Meals are not provided by TVCC for the day of auditions. 

Housing is not available or provided.  There are several quality hotels in the Athens area if you need housing.

Auditions are closed to the public and parents.  Auditions are only for those trying out for Cardettes, Cardette Sophomores, Current Cardette Escorts and the Cardette Directors and judges.  

Parents are welcome to sit in on the learning process but are not allowed in the audition sessions with judges. 

New Freshman Cardettes will be announced at the end of the audiiton day or on line depending upon how many are auditioning.

All Cardettes are required to live in on campus in the dorms unless your immediate family resides in Athens.  A $225.00 housing deposit must be submitted during auditions.

All ladies selected as Cardettes are required to attend a 3 day Cardette Freshman Camp in mid - July which is in conjunction with TVCC Freshman Orientation and Cardette Line Camp in early weeks in August.


The routine taught for auditions will consist of small segments of jazz, high kick and hip-hop style.  There will also be a few eight counts of at the end of the dance where you will be able to showcase your own dance talents.

A Cardette Hopeful MUST BE PREPARED to execute the following one at a time.  Any preparation is permitted.

  • Splits on both legs  
  • Right Jump Splits
  • High Kicks (all types; kicks must be higher than head level)
  • Switch leap (right and left)
  • Toe Touch
  • Right Pirouettes (double or triple turns)  
  • Right A la Second turns (turns in second)
  • Turning Disk (also called a turning second
  • Right Jete' in second (also called a Russian)
  • Calypso (right side)
  • Tilt kick (both right and left
  • Exceptional Endurance
  • Projection, Posture, and Confidence are a must!!
  • Optional but encouraged:  aerial, kip up, headspring, or any other acro abilities

Part of the audition score is based on the proper execution abiliates of the above elements performed one at a time.  Be prepared to execute the above moves one at a time at auditions.


Cardette Hopefuls are to wear the following for the l earning process of auditions:

  • Solid black sports bra (NO leotards, t-shirts, or color tops)
  • Black hot shorts
  • Tan tights underneath black dance hot shorts
  • Black jazz shoes or jazz sneakers
  • Hair secured away from the face, preferably in a low bun or pony tail.  
  • Full make-up with RED lipstick
  • No cover-ups or wraps are allowed
  • No jewelry or visible tattoos
  • T-shirt and shorts are not acceptable

Cardette Hopefuls are to wear the following for the actual dance audition:

  • Solid Black sports bra or half top
  • Black Hot shorts
  • Tan tights underneath black hot shorts
  • Black jazz shoes
  • Hair secured away from face, preferably in a bun or low ponytail
  • Full make-up with RED lipstick
  • No cover ups or wraps allowed
  • No jewelry(other than silver rhinestone stud earring in any shape) or visible tattoos
  • T-shirt and shorts are not permitted
  • Personal Interviews need to scheduled ahead of the actual audtion day once all audition paperwork has been received to the Cardette Office. 
  • Most interviews take place the day prior to the audition day.  After your interview you willalso have the option to review material with a Cardette in the dance room.  
  • Interview times on the day prior to audition day are between the hours of 5pm-8pm.  
  • The attire for interviews similar to what you would wear to a job interview.  


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3/24/2021 5:13:20 PM