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Board of Trustees Agenda - November 28, 2011


The Board of Trustees of Trinity Valley Community College will meet in regular session at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, November 28, 2011 in the Board Room of the Orval Pirtle Administration Building, Athens, Texas.  Dinner will be served for the Board Members in the Cafeteria at 6:30 p.m., where portions of the President’s Report may be presented.  No business will be discussed.
1.         Open meeting with prayer.
2.         Consider public comments.
3.         Information and news items.
4.         President’s Report.
            a. Reaccreditation
            b. Student loan default rate
            c. Basketball season
            d. Adolphus Christmas Parade – December 3rd
           e. Citizens Bank Bowl – December 4th
           f. TVCC Christmas Concert – December 4th
            g. Christmas luncheon and Graduation - Thursday, December 15th.
            h. Next Board meeting – January 23, 2012
5.         Consider minutes of the October 24, 2011 Board meeting.
6.         Consider business, financial and investment reports for October, 2011.
7.         Review annual and quarterly investment reports.
8.         Review and approve investment policy and strategy.
9.         Consider annual audit report presented by Mr. Marlin Smith of Smith, Lambright & Associates, P.C.
10.       Closed meeting to discuss student disciplinary action in accordance with Govt. Codes 551.082.
11.       Consider and discuss student discipline.
12.       Review Board member completion of required training.

13.       Consider and discuss approval of resolution for levy amounts.
14.       Consider and discuss outsourcing proposals.
15.       Consider and discuss approval of Charles Gann as a Foundation Board Member.
16.       Consider and discuss vehicle purchase.
17.       Consider and discuss capital projects and capital planning issues.
18.       Consider and discuss change to local policy AF Local (Institutional Effectiveness).
19.       Closed meeting to discuss land and/or personnel in accordance with    Govt. Codes 551.072 and 551.074 to consider certain personnel matters:
20.      a. Retirements/Resignations
           (1) Jane Black, Executive Assistant to the President
           (2) Mark Cook, Transportation/Inventory Control Assistant
           (3) Dr. Marylyn Wright, Music Department Coordinator, Athens
           (4) Others as submitted
           b. New Hires:
           (1) Seth Forgey, Part-time Microcomputer/LAN Analyst
           (2) Ashley Byrd, Part-time Campus Security Officer
           (3) Ronald Williams, Part-time Campus Security Officer
           (4) Mary Koelling, Part-time Computer Lab Assistant
           (5) Angela Rossman, Part-time Computer Lab Assistant
           (6) Shirley Townley, Part-time Secretary, Music Department
           (4) Others as needed
           c. Reclassifications:
           (1)  Others as needed
           d. Other personnel issues

           (1) Michael Landers, Interim Vice President for Student Services
           (2) Reorganization of responsibilities and personnel
21. Adjourn
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