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Board of Trustees Minutes - March 27, 2017

Trinity Valley Community College
The Trinity Valley Community Board of Trustees met in regular session at 7:30 pm on Monday, March 27, 2017 in the Board Room of the Orval Pirtle Administration Building in Athens, with the following members present.
Mr. Ray Raymond             Mr. Ron Day                     Mr. Homer Norville
Mr. David Monk                 Mr. Steve Grant                Mrs. Paula Kimball
Mr. Ken McGee                         
1.  Mr. Monk opened the meeting with prayer.
2.  There were no public comments.
3.  The following topics were discussed or reviewed in the President’s  Report:
·       Update on Terrell Hospital Renovation
·       Update on Athens Park/EOC Purchase
·       Update on ERP
4.  Mrs. Kimball moved, seconded by Mr. Norville, the Board approve the minutes to the February 27, 2017 Board Meeting.  Motion carried unanimously.
5.  Mr. McGee moved, seconded by Mr. Day, the Board approve the business, financial and investment reports for February 2017.  Motion carried unanimously.  The contingency fund recommendation was discussed and will be further discussed next month.
6.  Mr. McGee moved, seconded by Mr. Monk, the Board table the fee for feasibility Study of TVCC HSC Professional Building in Terrell.  Motion carried unanimously.
7.  Mrs. Kimball moved, seconded by Mr. Grant,  the Board approve the personnel updates as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.
8.  Mr. Day moved, seconded by Mr. Norville, the Board adjourn the meeting at 8:57 pm.  Motion carried unanimously.
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