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Board of Trustees Minutes - January 25, 2016

 Trinity Valley Community College
The Trinity Valley Community College Board of Trustees met in regular session at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, January 25, 2016 in the Board Room of the Orval Pirtle Administration Building in Athens, with the following members present:
Mr. Ray Raymond             Mr. Kenneth McGee                    Mr. Steve Grant
Mr. David Monk                 Mr. Jerry Stone                 Mr. Ron Day
Mrs. Paula Kimball            Dr. Charlie Risinger           Mr. Homer Norville 
1. Mr. Day opened the meeting with prayer.
2. There were no public comments.       
3. Mark Meredith presented the public information report.   
4. The following topics were discussed or reviewed in the President’s report:
    President Forgey introduced new Vice President of Institutional Advancement, Kristen Bennett, Interim Vice President for Information Technology, Brett Daniel, and recognized Director of Human Resources, Jennifer Robertson, who has resigned to take another position.
    President Forgey reviewed spring enrollment numbers.
    President Forgey announced that the Aspen Institute will release their list of top colleges on January 26th.
    President Forgey stated that the TVCC Rodeo team would be hosting their annual rodeo February 12-13.
    President Forgey mentioned that the college Play 4 Kay date would be February 17th.
    President Forgey reported on the progress of the SACSCOC compliance report.
    President Forgey announced the college will be hosting local UIL contests on the Athens campus January 28th.
    President Forgey reminded the Board that the next regularly scheduled Board meeting would be February 22, 2016.
                     5. Mr. Stone moved, seconded by Mr. Norville, the minutes to the November 23, 2015 meeting be approved.  Motion carried unanimously.
                     6. Mr. McGee moved, seconded by Mr. Day, the Board approve the business, financial and investment reports for November and December 2015.  Motion carried unanimously
                    7.  Mrs. Kimball moved, seconded by Mr. McGee, the Board approve the college 2014-15 audit.
                    8.    Mr. Monk moved, seconded by Mr. Grant, the Board approve awarding the 2015-16 audit to the accounting firm of Smith, Lambright and Associates. Motion carried unanimously.
                    9.    Dr. Risinger moved, seconded by Mr. Stone, the college approve the agreement for a Tax Increment Finance District with the City of Chandler.  Mr. Norville moved to amend the motion by reducing the rate in the agreement to 50%.  The amendment died due to a lack of second.  The vote on the original motion passed 6-2, with Mr. Day and Mr. Norville voting no.  Mr. Monk abstained from the vote.
                 10.  Mr. McGee moved, seconded by Mr. Grant, the Board issue an “Order of Election” for Board seats for District 6, District 7 and District 9.  Motion carried unanimously.
                 11.  Mr. Monk moved, seconded by Mr. Day, the Board approve the multidisciplinary studies associate degree program.  Motion carried unanimously.
                 12.  Mr. McGee moved, seconded by Mr. Monk, the Board approve a five-year copier contract with Ricoh. Motion carried unanimously.
                 13.  Dr. Risinger moved, seconded by Mr. Monk, the Board approve hiring a plumbing company from one of the college’s purchasing cooperative programs to provide preventive maintenance.  Motion carried unanimously.
                 14.  Mr. Monk moved, seconded by Mr. Norville, the Board approve the TASB Policy No. 30 updates but modify Board policy BD (LOCAL) to provide that one Board member may request an emergency meeting.  Motion passed 7 – 2 with Mrs. Kimball and Mr. Stone opposing.
                 15.  Dr. Risinger moved, seconded by Mr. McGee, the Board approve the annual and quarterly investment reports as of August 31, 2015.  Motion carried unanimously.
                 16.  Mr. Grant moved, seconded by Mr. Day, the Board approve the college investment policy and strategy.   Motion carried unanimously.

                 17.  Mr. Stone, moved, seconded by  Mr. McGee, the Board go into closed session at 9:15 p.m. to discuss land and/or personnel in accordance with Govt. Codes 551.072 and 551.074 to consider the following items:
                 18. Mrs. Kimball moved, seconded by Mr. Norville, the Board return from closed session at 9:44 p.m.  Motion carried unanimously.
                 19. Mr. Norville moved, seconded by Dr. Risinger, the Board approve the following personnel and items discussed in closed session: 
                              a. Retirements/Resignations/Reductions in Force
                              (1) Bethany Dyson, Volleyball Coaching Assistant
                              (2) Rebecca Goodman, Student Retention Advisor
                              (3) Clay Patterson, Offensive Coordinator/Kinesiology Professor
                              (4) Mike Abbott, Vice President of Information Technology
                              (5) Gail St. Clair, Director of Testing
                              (6) Ron Walker, Professor/Division Chairperson of Career and Technology
                              (7) Winfred T. Arthur, Campus Building Services Manager
                              (8) Julie Lively, Director of Student Financial Aid
                              (9) Kathy Grams, Payroll Coordinator
                              b. New Hires:
                              (1) Kristen Bennett, Vice President of Institutional Advancement and Executive Director of the TVCC Foundation
                              (2) Megan Dickerson, Administrative Assistant, Student Pathways
                              (3) Marcus Sikes, Men’s Basketball Coaching Assistant
                              (4) Tara Rigby, Administrative Assistant Music Department (P-T with benefits)
                              (5) Henry Hill, Building Services Technician
                              (6) Nicholas Ray, Building Services Technician
                              (7) Kendell Wellman, Criminal Justice Professor
                              (8) Elizabeth Starr, Coordinator/Instructor Vocational Nursing
                               (9) Ila Morris – Counselor, TDCJ Correctional Programs
                              (10) Rebecca Huff, Academic/Workforce Advisor
                              (11) Jean Watson, Academic/Workforce Advisor
                              c.   Reclassifications
                              (1)Tammy Denney, Retention Coordinator to Director Of Student Pathways
                              (2) Diane Milner, Coordinator Cardinal Success Center to Director of Testing
                              (3) Shelia Jones, Director of Student Pathways & Success To Director of Student Success Services
                              (4) Melinda Berry, Coordinator Disability Services/LPC to Assistant Director of Student Success Services/
                                   Disability Services/LPC
                              (5) Iris Reeves, Coordinator Student Success Center to Coordinator Career Center/Advisor
                              (6) Brad Burnett, Human Resources Generalist to Benefits & Compensation Coordinator
                              (7) Russell Cammarn, Building Services Technician to Campus Building Services Manager
                              (8) Michelle Wright, Accounting Specialist-Billing to Payroll Coordinator
                              (9) Carol Madsen, Student Financial Aid Specialist/Loan Coordinator to Assistant Director of Student Financial Aid
                             (10) Susie Sharp, Administrative Assistant Correctional Education, Officer Training Academy PWC to                                                                                   Enrollment Clerk, TDCJ
                             (11) David Handorf, Enrollment Coordinator TDCJ to Enrollment  Coordinator Palestine Workforce Education Center
                             (12) Suzan Mullins, Administrative Assistant Plant Operations to Administrative Assistant Building Services
                             (13) Angela Gordon, Professor to Professor/Coordinator, Integrated Reading & Writing
                              d.   Other personnel issues
                              e.    Real estate
                              Motion carried unanimously. 
 20.    Mr. McGee moved, seconded by Dr. Risinger, to adjourn the meeting at 9:45 p.m.  Motion carried unanimously.
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