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Board of Trustees Agenda - June 24, 2013

  The Board of Trustees of Trinity Valley Community College will meet in regular session at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, June 24, 2013, in the Board Room of the Orval Pirtle Administration Building, Athens, Texas.  Dinner will be served for the Board Members in the Cafeteria at 6:30 p.m. where no business will be discussed.

Open meeting with prayer.
  1. Consider public comments.

  2. Information and news items. 

  3. President’s Report.
      a. Summer Enrollment
      b. National College Rodeo Final Results
      c. ACCT meeting in Seattle
      d. Accountability Report
      e. July Board Meeting – July 22

  4. Consider minutes of the April 22, 2013 meeting and the special called meeting via teleconference on May 14th.

  5. Consider business, financial, and investment reports for April and May 2013. 

  6. Consider and discuss the approval of the continuing education tuition and fees associated with the summer and fall 2013 schedule of classes. 

  7. Consider and discuss renewal of Athletic Insurance. 

  8. Closed meeting to discuss land and/or personnel in accordance with Govt. Codes 551.072 and 551.074:
    1. Retirements/Resignations/Terminations:
                    (1) Peter Miller – Choral Professor/Accompanist
                    (2) Aaron Kallhoff – Assistant Women’s BB Coach
                    (3) Charles Hueber – Executive Director of Student  Life/Judicial Officer
                    (4) Robert Bernard – Electronics Instructor – TDCJ
                    (5) Laura Thornton – Administrative Assistant, Community Services
                    (6) Josie Kallhoff – Housing Manager
                    (7) Micah Hill – Coaching Assistant - Football
                    (8) Gary San Miguel – Mechanical Engineering Technology/Coordinator/Professor
              b.   New Hires:
                    (1) Gary Reid – Biology Professor - Terrell
                    (2) Stewart Newby – Campus Police Officer
                    (3) Tracy Salmon – Interior Trim/Cabinet Making Instructor - TDCJ

Darla Mansfield – 11 month to 12 month contract
Marshall Reeves – Senior Research Analyst to Computer    Science Professor
              d. Other as necessary
                    (1) Renewal of FY 2013-2014 faculty contracts

                    (2) Renewal of FY 2013-2014 administrative contracts
                    (3) Discussion of annual evaluation of president
10.   Consider any necessary action on items discussed in closed session.
11. Adjourn.

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