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Am I ready to apply for graduation?

Completing your degree plan and getting that diploma or certification is the most satisfying part of your college career, proof that all your hard work has paid off.  Students who wish to attend the next graduation ceremony should apply for graduation through Cardinal Connection so the committee can review your transcript, and get you into that gown and across that stage.  But how do you know if you're ready to apply for graduation?  This list will help you know when its time to make that leap:

1. How many hours have you acquired?  If you will be completing your degree plan at the end of your current semester, or feel that you will in the following semester, it's probably time to look into graduation.  If you are unsure how many hours you have, or lack, go by the Advisement Center for a degree audit.  An advisor can break down exactly what you still need to complete your plan.

2. Are you happy with your GPA?  In an ever more competitive world, every little bit you do to set yourself apart helps.  If your GPA has suffered for any reason, you may want to retake a few classes to bring it up before you leave to find that perfect job.

3. If you aren't graduating and going strait into the industry, are you transfer ready?  Have you applied to the college/university you plan to attend?  Do they have all your transcripts, etc? Are you eligible for the program you wish to enter?  You can always stay with TVCC for some extra hours until you feel you are ready to transition. 

4.  Have you gathered all the information you will need for the application?  A copy of your degree plan should tell you everything you need to know, such as what type of degree/certificate you will be applying for, the catalog year you are under, etc.  Some of these questions will be confusing if you are unprepared for the application process.

Once you have done all the research and prep work, and are sure you're ready, apply to graduate online through Cardinal Connection.

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1/18/2019 4:47:22 PM