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Phi Theta Kappa GED Scholarship

My name is Morika Cheng.  I come from Cambodia, a small country in the Southeast Asia.  I have been living in the United States for about two years.  In spite of my broken English, my career goal is to be a helpful pharmacist.  I understand that there is a very long way ahead in studying process to reach my goal.  I must have a lot of patience and money as well to support my education plan.  Therefore, I appreciate all sponsors who are providing the scholarships for the students in need.  The scholarship is not only supporting a student's financial but also encouraging the student to study harder.

I have graduated from high school in my country, but my high school diploma cannot be valid here for attending any colleges.  In order to go to a college, I have to obtain a GED and THEA first.  When I arrived here, I felt confused and didn't know how to get these things.  Since my house is near the Trinity Valley Community College, I decided to ask for help from a faculty at the Administrator Building.  I was told to register in a TVCC Adult Education program to help me prepare for a GED test, and I did.  As a result, I successfully got my GED and THEA.  I am very grateful the TVCC because if I had not been in the Adult Education program, I would not have been able to attend any colleges.  Regardless my grateful attitude, through my studying experiences with the TVCC program, I have a strong faith in TVCC where I can complete my pre-pharmacy course effectively before I transfer to another pharmacy school.

With my current plan, in the next five years, I will have already transferred from the Trinity Valley Community College and will be studying at any specific university.  It is true that I will not become a pharmacist yet, but it should be more than half-way done in my plan.  During the period of five years, I will have been learning and understanding a lot in pharmacy.  At the same time, my English must have been improved and I will also have more confidence in myself and responsibility for my actions.  In short, I will become a better and more helpful person in our community.  Anyways, after I have had a semester in TVCC, I agree that it really has a detail educating system in which helps its students reach their career goals and also gain more useful skills for leading their lives.  Hence, I believe that I make a right decision to start my first step with TVCC.

Nevertheless, I am very keen on studying, so despite of any difficulties I always do my best to study and never give up even once.  Learning is not an easy task, but it is not difficult for a hard working student as well.  I am not sure if I could consider myself as one of the most outstanding student; however, I can claim clearly that I am a hard working student.  According to the result of my studying in the past either in my home country or here, I rarely fail a test, and especially I never drop out of any classes.  Anyhow, if I can get your scholarship, I will use the price worthily and not make you disappointed.  I will continue studying hard and complete the course as my study plan.  Once again, I would like to thank you for giving away a scholarship price for a student to pursue his or her studies.
Posted Date:
5/26/2016 9:06:40 AM