Trinity Valley Community College


Math Prep

100 Cardinal Dr.

Athens, TX 75751

(903) 675-2680  


Office Hours:



Students must register for all elements of the program, and must commit to completing the program.  Students not interested in participating fully in this program may enroll in developmental courses listed in other section of the schedule.  Registration is scheduled for August 21 during Fall registration.

Late registration is set for August 22.

The program section numbers are as follows:

DEVL (lab) 0314.2122
DEVL I 0304.2250
DEVL II 0309.1757
PSYC 1300.2208

* You must register for ALL sections of the program.  You are allowed to register for three extra college hours of your choice.  If you choose not to register for three more hours, you are considered a full time student just with the courses within the Math Prep program.