Trinity Valley Community College

Harold Jones
Director of Housing/Judicial Officer

Trinity Valley Community College
100 Cardinal Dr.
Athens, TX 75751

AD 127
ph: (903) 675-6256
fx: (903) 670-2677



What is an incident report?

Incident reports are vital to the college judicial system. Read more about what they are.

How to write an incident report.

Instructions and tips for faculty, staff and students to complete an incident report

TVCC acknowledges that students are responsible and capable of making appropriate decisions; however, it understands that students will occasionally make mistakes.

The goal of the TVCC Judicial System is to promote learning, awareness, and responsibility while insuring the safety and well-being of the community.”

TVCC Loitering Policy

Updated TVCC Loitering Policy - 4/24/2012

Judicial Appeals

All you need to know about the TVCC appeals process.

How to Handle Classroom Disturbances.

A few tips from the Center for Teaching Excellence at USC on how to handle classroom issues.