Mike Peek

Director of Student Activities/Instructor

100 Cardinal Drive

Athens, Texas 75751





My office is located in the lower floor of the Student Union Building.

My office hours are basically from 8-4:30.

My phone does have voice mail so you can leave me a message at any time.



As Director of Student Activities, I have the VERY best job at TVCC. I work with a large number of students on a daily basis in my job. This enables me to become familiar with some of the very best students at TVCC. I am also an advisor for the Student Senate. I am responsible for scheduling various campus events including Family Day, Homecoming, and the Cardinal Beauty Pageant. I am also chairman of the Athletic Committee, and the Graduation Committee.



As an instructor each semester I teach Personal and Family Finance (BUSI 1307). This is an internet class that does not utilize WEB CT or Blackboard. I send everything to the student via email. At the beginning of the semester, each internet student MUST email me so I can capture their email address. 



In the spring semester I usually teach an interactive economics class. This class originates from the Learning Resource Center on the TVCC campus in Athens. It is electronically sent to area high schools – usually for dual credit for the students. Throughout the semester, I will visit each high school and the class will originate from the various high schools.




Pearls of wisdom


 Spring Economics Schedule


 Personal And Family Finance Syllabus