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     Hello. This is the page to come to to find out more information that you ever possibly wanted to know about yours truly, Floyd Brigdon. By the time you finally see this page posted as a part of my website, it will have gone through three or four variations, all of which have ended up in the electronic trashcan as dead ends.
     In my 1301 Composition class, I teach and talk about the "fear of the blank page" but there is no blank page as fearsome as one that is supposed to be filled with information about YOU. I have tried the formal approach (which looked too much like a resume), the list approach (which looked too much like.... well, like a list), and I have tried the fact approach (which didn't look like much of anything really). So, here we are at the fourth iteration of the "Personal Information" page and this time, I am just going to cut loose and try the informal approach. So, here goes:
     I have taught here at Trinity Valley since the Fall of 1992 and have loved every minute of it. Since graduating with my Master's in 1989 (which I received from the University of Texas at Tyler, where I also received my Bachelor's degree) I have taught at the University of North Texas, Eastfield Community College, Cedar Valley Community College, Southwestern Christian College, and TVCC. I enjoyed teaching at all of those institutions but when I had applications in for a full time position, I was holding my breath that TVCC would be the first to offer. They did, I signed on, and things have been wonderful ever since. (If you want to know WHY, just ask and I'll be glad to explain.)
     I have two beautiful daughters and three incredible step-sons and if you ever want to see pictures, all you have to do is ask.
     I teach just about all varieties of English Composition and literature for Trinity Valley, everything from Developmental Studies all the way to the Sophomore literature surveys and creative writing. Though my post-graduate study and focus has been on literature of the English Renaissance, over the past 12 years I have found that my true passion is teaching Composition and Rhetoric. Well.....that's not exactly true because I do LOVE the literature survey courses, too. I have just found that there are very few things more satisfying than helping someone discover how to write, how to find their OWN voice to put on paper.
     I love reading (certainly) and writing (of course) and outdoor activities (mostly with my family), but one love that I have discovered in the last couple of years is sculpting. So far, I am more of a self-taught experimenter, but I enjoy the act of trying to make something look like what I have visualized..... which is, when you think about it, not all that different from the act of writing.

     Well, that tells you a little bit about me. I am sure that there is a lot that I have left out, but if you have any specific questions please write me and I will see what I can do about adding to this.

     One of the things that I wanted to do on this page is to start a section for a personal journal, more as an example for future classes than in the hope that anyone other than myself would want to read it.


This page was last updated on March 5, 2001