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FAQs for Counselors
Posted: 4/29/2016 2:14:18 PM
Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for High School Counselors
Counselors, most of the information you need is available in the TVCC Dual Credit Manual.  We have listed a few extra questions below and you can find more information throughout the website. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the Dual Credit office.
What classes are offered for Dual-credit?
Although there are some courses that are common across the board each school district determines what they will accept for dual credit.  However, TVCC only allows dual credit courses to include TVCC Core, Workforce Education courses, and/or foreign language courses.
I need to obtain grades for students enrolled in ECS classes, who do I need to contact?
At the end of each semester, the TVCC Registrar’s Office will email a grade report to the designated person at each high school.
Each school can determine if they will use this report to update a student’s high school transcript. A student may also request a transcript from TVCC directly and provide it to the high school.
How do I schedule events on our campus?
Scheduling of events is done on a first-come-first-served basis. It is best to plan your events on a yearly schedule as soon as possible.
Does a student need to apply and go through the full process every year?
No.  Students only need to re-apply and provide all of the testing and bacterial meningitis documentation if they skip a semester and then start again.

How do students find out what textbooks are required for courses?

Students are responsible for the purchase of their textbooks and/or access codes.  It is the student's responsibility to go the
bookstore website to determine what books and/or access codes are required for their courses. Students may also physically go to one of the bookstore locations, call the bookstore for information, log into their Cardinal Connection account, or look at the online course syllabus to determine required materials for the course.