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Benefits of Dual Credit
Posted: 4/29/2016 2:09:25 PM
Find out some of the beneftis of Dual Credit for your student


As a parent, each day you are helping your child to make important decisions about their future. We know that you probably have many questions as to why your child should enroll in dual credit courses. Below we explain several of the advantages associated with taking courses at the college during their high school experience.
College Status

Your teenager is an official college student with access to the full range of services offered to all students at Trinity Valley Community College. These include college academic planning services, career services, access to the library and student activities, use of the physical fitness facilities, computer labs and academic support services. These services are free for all dual credit students to utilize while they are enrolled.

TVCC‘s courses can be taught at local high schools, at the college or online depending on the arrangements made with your child’s ISD and high school counselor. Students can easily remain involved within their high schools while enrolled in community college courses.
Close to Home

Students can stay connected to their home and current high school while making the transition into college life. Being close to home during this transition enables parents to help their students with the process and offer any support that students might need.
Cost Effectiveness

Like most parents, you are probably concerned with the rising costs of higher education. Taking local dual credit courses costs less than regular college courses. Tuition and fees at TVCC are a fraction of the cost of four-year institutions, making a college degree financially feasible. 
When students obtain a high school diploma, they could also be graduating with several hours of college credit that is transferable to any public college or university in Texas. Your child could be able to start college a step ahead—saving you anywhere from $10,000-$20,000. 
Student Success

These courses will enable your child to become familiar with the expectations of college academics while allowing him/her to have continued support from their high school and family. Taking college-level courses enhances your child‘s ability to make a smooth transition onto a college campus. This opportunity assists students in learning to navigate the higher education system and provides them a glimpse of the college experience.