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Posted: 8/2/2016 4:15:43 PM
Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Students

How much does dual credit courses cost?

Tuition is waived for the first two courses each semester.  Fees depend on whether the school district is a tax-district school, or a non-tax district school.  In addition, there are internet fees of $35 and lab fees of $35.  Go to
Dual Credit Enrollment Costs schedule to view specific costs.

Books, supplies, and parking fees are the responsibility of the student.

I want to start classes as soon as possible. When should I apply?

You should complete the dual credit enrollment process during your sophomore school year in order to attend classes during the summer semester you become eligible. Students are advised to complete the TVCC enrollment process no later than mid-April in order to have the best selection of summer courses.

When are classes offered?

TVCC courses are available during the normal school year, after school, during weekends, and over the summer.  Some courses are offered on individual high school campuses for that particular high school’s students.

What classes are offered for Dual Credit?

Each school district determines what college credit courses they will use as dual credit and how they will satisfy high school graduation requirements. However, TVCC allows dual credit courses to include TVCC Core, Workforce Education courses, and foreign language courses.  It is important to check with your high school counselor for the most current list of courses.

How many dual credit courses can I take?

First time dual credit students are not allowed to take more than two courses their first semester. Dual credit students are limited to 15 semester credit hours (SCH) per semester.  In the event that a dual credit student who wished to enroll in more than 15 SCH, refer to the TVCC Enrollment Exception Procedure.

Are certain courses off-limits?

You may take any college credit course with the TVCC Core, Workforce Education courses, and/or foreign language courses, if you meet the course prerequisites and have reviewed your course options with your high school counselor.  You must list the course on your TVCC Dual Credit/Concurrent Application, due each semester before registering.

Can I take a course online?

TVCC's Distance Learning program offers hundreds of courses, many of them via the Internet. Dual Credit students may take Distance Learning courses, but it is important to understand that these courses maintain the same high standards as a classroom course and require significant self-discipline in order to complete them successfully.  Take the
Is Distance Learning for You? Quiz to discover if Distance Learning is for you.

Will TVCC email, or call me to verify that I am enrolled in a class?

No, you will not receive an email or phone call to verify that you have enrolled.  You can check your schedule through your Cardinal Connection account.

What can I do if the class that I want to register for is full?

Have a back-up plan!
Many of the TVCC courses fill quickly, so it is important to have a back-up plan. Discuss options for alternate courses with your counselor or make sure that you have several options for times and locations of the class you want. Remember: you can take classes at any TVCC campus or center.

How do I find out what textbooks are required for my courses?

Students are responsible for the purchase of their textbooks and/or access codes.  It is the student's responsibility to go the
bookstore website to determine what books and/or access codes are required for their courses. Students may also physically go to one of the bookstore locations, call the bookstore for information, log into their Cardinal Connection account, or look at the online course syllabus to determine required materials for the course.