Trinity Valley Community College

CastleBranch(CB) Info
These are the required forms and instructional video for CastleBranch (CB) Formally Certified Background.

For criminal background policy and instructions please [Click Here]

  1. HIPAA/Privacy & Confidentiality Agreement
    [Click Here] for form.
  2. Code of Conduct (Please submit entire document to CB)
    [Click Here] for form.
  3. Medical Insurance/Personal Financial Liability Release Form
    [Click Here] for form.
  4. Infection Control & Bloodborne Disease Departmental Competency Verification
    (Please get with instructor to correctly fill form out.)
    [Click Here] for form.
  5. Flu Shot Confirmation Form
    [Click Here] for form 

If you do not have access to a scanner at home you can visit the "Student Success Center" to have your records and forms scanned.
For more information on this please visit