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Luis Arteaga's Commentary on 1 Dead in Attic
Posted: 2/20/2012 1:04:13 PM

Here are my comments, thoughts, and highlights of the book 1 Dead in Attic. Sorry for delaying this for such a long time. I will try to find more highlights of the book and email them to you later if you need anymore, for right now I'm rereading the book.
1 Dead in Attic is a very vivid/life changing book on what the people of New Orleans experienced during/after hurricane Katrina. Chris Rose depicts on what it was like to go through so much agony and pain in seeing how the place that he and many other New Orleans natives loved so much had been utterly destroyed. The people who stayed behind before the hurricane came knew that the worst was yet to come, but they just couldn’t part away from the place that they called home for there was no other place that they could truly call home. Not only were homes destroyed, but many people lost their lives and many others who survived saw their lives change everlastingly.
Take into consideration the many volunteers such as the California National Guard. These people had to leave their families so that they could aid those that were in need of help. In page 36, Shellnut notifies Mr. Rose that he had found fresh food: fillets and crabmeat. Mr. Rose then thought of the men and women from the National Guard who had been doing a “helluva job” on patrolling their area and supplying them with food. So in order to express his gratitude for helping him and his friends out, they all prepared over 600 fillet steaks for the National Guard members.

In the Acknowledgements Chris Rose ends his acknowledgement by saying “Never Surrender”. He never surrendered when all the chaos happened. Even though his wife and children left him for they didn’t want to go through what he experienced he never surrendered. Many people stayed behind to try to start a new life even though it was real tough to try to do that. The people of New Orleans experienced so much heartbreak. The precious city which they called home had been destroyed, but now that everything had ended it was time to start their lives over. These people never surrendered and they stayed true to their hearts  by restarting their lives in their beloved home called New Orleans.

Luis Arteaga