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Gary White's Commentary on 1 Dead in Attic
Posted: 2/20/2012 9:59:31 AM

It’s Stirred My Curiosity
If you’ve ever been to New Orleans, then you will love this book and even if you haven’t you will find it stirs your curiosity of this wonderful city we call New Orleans. I’ve had the opportunity to visit New Orleans several times and even once for Mardi Gras! Reading the book 1 Dead in Attic by Chris Rose has been not only an eye opening insight into the life experiences of the people of the city and how they dealt with the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, but I find that it has stirred my curiosity of the city and how it appears today. The tragedies of hurricane Katrina and its aftermath have changed these peoples’ lives forever. They will never be the same, nor will the city, however, my hopes and prayers for the city of New Orleans and the people of New Orleans are only for the best and all good. Through people’s love of the city and the people of New Orleans, the city is being rebuilt and people will continue to return. We must remember the old and welcome in the new for the “New” New Orleans. We must cherish our wonderful past memories while looking forward to making new memories of the city. Our nation has learned from this tragedy and hopefully we will never forget our mistakes and shortcomings for this wonderful city full of love, laughter, food, fun, art, culture and so much more than you will ever imagine! After reading the book, my plans are to return to New Orleans one day for a long weekend or a short visit to experience the “New” New Orleans but at the same time hold on to some strange sort of comfort in finding some of the old that still remains. And if you’ve never been to New Orleans, NOW is the time to go! Thank you Chris Rose for a wonderful book!
Gary W. White