Trinity Valley Community College


Getting Started
Posted: 2/8/2016 4:48:30 PM
TVCC currently offers several Associates Degrees AND Certificates online.

Trinity Valley Community College is committed to providing opportunities for quality instruction to students who are interested in completing an online degree or certificate. 

PLEASE NOTE - Only residents of Texas are eligible to enroll in online courses with TVCC.

  • If you are NOT currently a student with TVCC, you will need to apply for admissions.  Detailed information on the application process with TVCC can be found here
  • Just like students who attend traditional, face-to-face courses with TVCC, our online students are eligible to apply for financial aid.  Specific information on this process is found here.
  • Once you have nailed down a degree that you are interested in pursuing, you may contact any of the guidance offices to have your degree plan entered in to our system so that a listing of the required courses in which you must complete can be provided to you. 
The curricula for the Associate of Arts Degree are designed for the student planning to transfer to a senior college or university.  To find out more about TVCC online AA Degrees, contact the office of Academic Instruction at

The Associate of Applied Science Degree is awarded for successful completion of a two-year prescribed workforce education curriculum. To find out more about TVCC online AAS Degrees, contact the office of Workforce Education at