Trinity Valley Community College


Institutional Research

Coordinator of Institutional Research
Chris Daley
GSC 110 C

Assessment & Research Associate 
GSC 110 B

Senior Research Analyst
Alex Mullins
GSC 106


Surveys & Result Reports
Bookstore Satisfaction Survey (Paper Survey)
Bookstore Satisfaction Survey Report  Fall 2011 Results       Spring 2013 Results
Cardinal Success Center (CSC) formerly known as the Student Success Center (SSC)
CSC Annual Survey
Spring 2014 Results
Distance Education
Distance Education Survey   
Spring 2014 Results
Distance Education Report 2011-2014
Dual Credit
Dual Credit Survey Report (By Invitation Only)
Spring 2014 Results
Graduating Students
Graduating Student Survey - College Services Version
Graduating Student Survey - Learning Experiences Version
Graduating Student Survey Results 2009-2014 (PDF)
Health Occupations Evaluations Surveys
Student Evaluation of Faculty (Team Taught Courses)  (results not published)
ADN Employer Evaluation   Spring 2012 Results      Spring 2013 Results       Spring 2014 Results  
ADN Graduate Evaluation    Spring 2012 Results      Spring 2013 Results
ADN Transition Evaluation  
ADN Level I Evaluation    Fall 2013 Results           Fall 2014 Results
ADN Level II Evaluation    Spring 2013 Results      Spring 2014 Results
ADN Level III Evaluation Fall 2013 Results           Fall 2014 Results
ADN Level IV Evaluation Spring 2013 Results      Spring 2014 Results
ADN Program Risk Assessment  (Results not published)
HSC Faculty Survey for Master Plan  2012 Results       2013 Results       2014 Results
HSC Survey for Faculty
HSC Survey for Students
Learning Day Evaluations
Learning Day Evaluation
Learning Day General Session Report     Spring 2014
Learning Resource Center Surveys (LRC)
LRC Student Survey                 Spring 2014 Results (PDF)
LRC Faculty & Staff Survey    Spring 2014 Results (PDF)
Non-Academic Challenges Survey
Physical Resources/Facilities
Physical Resources/Facilities Survey
Fall 2013 Results Report
Fall 2014 Results Report
Residential Hall Survey (Paper Survey)
Spring 2014 Overall Report 
Spring 2014 Report by Hall
Student Satisfaction Report (Paper Survey)
Fall 2013 Report
Fall 2012 Report 
Fall 2011 Report
Employee Satisfaction Report
2014 Employee Satisfaction Survey Results
E-Cigarette Survey Report
E-Cigarette Survey Results