IT Services is pleased to announce the pilot program for Lecture Capture. Lecture Capture is a new and exciting technology that will allow students to replay your lecture shortly after class has ended allowing them to review material that they may have missed. Lecture Capture is currently available in two rooms on Athens campus only. The rooms are located in room 208 in the Gibbs Academic Building and room 111 in the Technical Center. Once captured, lectures will be available to students through ECourses/BlackBoard in the following formats:
1. Podcast Audio - Most often listened to on an MP3 player but they can also be heard on a computer using media player software.
2. Enhanced Podcast Audio - Multimedia format that allows images to be displayed in time with audio.
3. Vodcast Video - Video podcast used for the online delivery of on demand video.
4. Rich Media Audio/Video - utilizes a combination of different content forms such as text, audio, still images, animation, video, and interactivity content forms.

Because the initial Lecture Capture publications will be through ECourses/BlackBoard, instructors must have a valid section created on ECourses, and their students will have to have valid logins to that section. This should be done prior to requesting a Lecture Capture. If you do not have a corresponding distance learning or hybrid class that already exists on eCourses, you must contact Karen McGrew at  to have the section created and students in your class loaded into the system. She will also be able to provide first time login information for new ECourse students.
IT Services has begun scheduling classes in Gibbs 208 and Tech Center 111 on a first come first served basis. All requests that are for classes that run the entire semester must be completed before Friday, Sept 5th at 8 a.m. Instructors requesting Lecture Capture must meet the following pre-requisites before a class can be scheduled:
1. Instructor must have a valid ECourse section created and populated with the students in their class.
2. Instructors must fill out the form located at the following link:
3. Instructors must have been trained and be familiar with the multimedia smart room equipment in the class room.

IT Services is excited to be offering this new service which will enhance the learning experience of our students. We have been testing the system over the last few weeks and believe it is ready to use. However, as with all new systems, issues may present themselves as we move forward with Lecture Capture in live classes. I know that those of you who are willing to be the first group to use this new and exciting technology will be patient in the event of unforeseen issues.