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Consider Patient Care Technology Program as a 1st Step to RN!
Posted: 2/28/2017 1:27:11 PM

One Semester Patient Care Technology, Includes Certified Nurse Aide (CNA)
Certified Nurse Aide and Patient Care Tech.  In One Semester (Course taught both in Fall and Spring
Semesters) TVCC Health Science Center, Kaufman, Texas
A great way to train for entry-level nursing assistant and an effective stepping-stone to Nursing School.
Your training will include all basic nursing skills plus sterile technique and related skills.  You will have
forty hours of long-term care clinical, and eighty hours of hospital clinical, plus classroom and skills lab.
For more information contact the Health Science Center Counselor at 972-932-5721 or
               Former Patient Care Technology students share their experiences:
               “The PCT program was a great stepping stone between my general education courses
               and nursing school.  This program provided me with the necessary skills to not only
               care for the patient’s physical needs, but to also become comfortable with patient
               contact and communication.  The classroom and clinical experience can’t be beat.”
               “The PCT class helped me tremendously to prepare for the ADN program.  Not only
               did it allow me to boost my GPA at the last minute, it gave me the opportunity to
               gain some experience with my basic skills.  I was able to care for patients for my
               first time and become more comfortable in the clinical setting which gave me the
               “upper hand” over most of the new ADN students.  I would highly recommend the
               PCT course to anyone who is considering a higher level career in the medical field.”
               “ I feel the PCT program laid the foundation for my nursing career and helped me by
               being able to work in the clinical setting prior to starting nursing school…I highly rec-
               ommend the PCT program.  It is a great step in the nursing pathway.”

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