Trinity Valley Community College



TVCC - Athens Campus
Admin Bldg, room 124

100 Cardinal Drive
Athens, TX 75751

(903) 675-6350 main
(903) 675-6209 fax

Tammy Denney, M. Ed.
Director of Student

Becky Lucas, B.S. 
Academic Advisor 

Jeanie Watson, B.G.S. 
Academic/Workforce Advisor 

Kelsey Hirsch M.S. 
Coord. Career Center &
Academic/Workforce Advisor 

TVCC - Palestine Campus
Admin Bldg, room 142

2970 N St Hwy 19
PO Box 2530
Palestine, TX  75802
(903) 729-0256 main
(903) 723-7073 fax
Maria Lippart, B.S.
(903) 723-7040
Dr. Jeffrey Watson
Provost - Palestine

TVCC - Terrell Campus
Admin Bldg, room 109

1200 East I-20
PO Box 668
Terrell, TX  75160

(972) 932-4904 main
(972) 563-4961 fax
Amanda Leyva, B.B.A.
(972) 563-4903 

Dr. Algia Allen
Provost - Terrell

TVCC - Health Science

HSC, room 117

800 Hwy. 243 West
Kaufman, TX  75142
(972) 932-4909 main
(972) 932-5751 fax
Jeffrey Ballom, M.S.
(972) 932-5721
Dr. Helen Reid
Provost - Kaufman

Posted: 9/21/2015 4:09:18 PM
Are you concerned about a friend? Would you like to talk to a licensed counselor about personal matters? Find detailed information here.

Personal Counseling

The Advisement Center offers personal counseling to students needing to resolve existing problems, prevent potential problems, and develop new skills to enrich their lives.  Counselors meet with students one-on-one in a private and comfortable setting on campus and are free of charge to current students.

For more information on personal counseling, please contact
Melinda Berry, LPC at (903) 675-6224. 

If you are concerned about one of your friends or another student on campus, please contact a member of TVCC's Behavioral Intervention Team: Melinda Berry (903) 675-6224 or Harold Jones (903) 675-6256.


Remember the 4 R’s...


RECOGNIZE  Be familiar with and acknowledge symptoms of distress in others.

RESPOND  Privately initiate contact with the student displaying symptoms of distress.  Express your concerns in non-judgmental terms and listen to the student in a sensitive, non-threatening way.

REFER  Know your limits as a help-giver.  When a student needs more help than you are able to give, it is time to make a referral to:

  • Behavioral Intervention Team
  • Counseling Services
  • Disability Services
REPORT  Report your concerns and actions taken with a student to a member of the Behavioral Intervention Team:

Melinda Berry, Counselor
(903) 675-6224 office

Harold Jones, Housing Director
(903) 675-6256 office