Trinity Valley Community College


Honesty Policy
Posted: 9/29/2015 9:50:12 AM
Continuing & Workforce Education Honesty Policy

It is the policy of TVCC's Continuing & Workforce Education Department that ethical and legal consideration in training must be observed at all times by all students. This includes providing all information to meet course prerequistites and enrollment criteria, all classroom work, all assignments, all skills and laboratory work, testing and clinical or practicum work. Any student involved in lying, cheating, plagiarism, violation of TVCC's Policy of Rights, Conduct and Responsibilities.

Scholastic dishonesty of any type jeopardizes the student's successful completion of the course. Violations of the honesty policy may result in dismissal from the course. Students accused of dishonesty will be afforded due process. The student's right of appeal is through the Dean of Continuing & Workforce Education.

Students dismissed from a class for violation of this policy may not be allowed to enter or reenter that class or enter another class in the Continuing & Workforce Education Department.