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Darla Mansfield
Cardette Director
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Sarah Cadungug
Asst. Choreographer/Recruiter
tel: (903) 670-2641
fax: (903) 675-6316

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Audition Material
Posted: 5/1/2017 11:16:53 AM
Find out what you will need to know at auditions!


The routine taught for auditions will consist of small segments of jazz, high kick and hip-hop style.  There will also be a few eight counts of at the end of the dance where you will be able to showcase your own dance talents.

A Cardette Hopeful MUST BE PREPARED to execute the following one at a time.  Any preparation is permitted.
  • Splits on both legs  
  • Right Jump Splits
  • High Kicks (all types; kicks must be higher than head level)
  • Switch leap (right leg)
  • Toe Touch
  • Right Axle Turn
  • Right Pirouettes (double or triple turns)  
  • Right A la Second turns (turns in second)
  • Turning Disk
  • Right Jete' in second (also called a Russian)
  • Calypso 
  • Exceptional Endurance
  • Projection, Posture, and Confidence are a must!!

Part of the audition score is based on the execution of the above elements performed one at a time.  Be prepared to execute the above moves one at a time at auditions.


LEARNING PROCESS - Cardette Hopefuls are to wear the following for the learning process of auditions:

  • Solid bright colored sports bra (NO leotards, t-shirts, or black tops)
  • Black hot shorts
  • Tan tights underneath black dance hot shorts
  • Black jazz shoes or jazz sneakers
  • Hair secured away from the face
  • Full make-up with RED lipstick
  • No cover-ups or wraps are allowed
  • No jewelry or visible tattoos
  • T-shirt and shorts are not acceptable

DANCE AUDITION - Cardette Hopefuls are to wear the following for the actual dance audition:
  • Solid Black sports bra or half top
  • Black Hot shorts
  • Tan tights underneath black hot shorts
  • Black jazz shoes
  • Hair secured away from face in a bun or low ponytail
  • Full make-up with RED lipstick
  • No cover ups or wraps allowed
  • No jewlery(other than silver rhinestone stud earring in any shape) or visible tattoos
  • T-shirt and shorts are not permitted

  • The attire for interviews similar to what you would wear to a job interview.  

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