Trinity Valley Community College





100 Cardinal Drive
Athens, Texas 75751

Darla Mansfield
Cardette Director
tel: (903) 675-6225 
fax: (903) 675-6316

Sarah Cadungug
Asst. Choreographer/Recruiter
tel: (903) 670-2641
fax: (903) 675-6316

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Event Details
Posted: 4/10/2017 10:14:39 AM
Get details on upcoming events and mark your calendars!

Here are details on upcoming events!  Click here to register for any of the events below!

Kids Clinic and performance at Cardinal Basketball game (ages 5-11)

Middle School Jazz Workshop (ages 11 & up)

3 Great Collegiate Level Dance Workshops for Spring 2016

Summer dance Camp for Middle School (ages 12 & up)

Summer dance camp for high school and older